"Sharpy's Boba Fett Roundup" on Youtube

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    "Sharpy's Boba Fett Roundup" on Youtube

    This guy has a video showcasing/reviewing different Boba Fett products. Pretty cool.


    Anyone know if he's a member here?

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    Re: "Sharpy's Boba Fett Roundup" on Youtube

    I'm wondering the same thing (is he a member?)

    I would think, most likely not. Or he would know what "Topical" is all about, and that the ESB isn't supposed be be dinged and gouged up underneath all that paint

    Although, he does have a life sized Fett in the background. I can't make out what armor or helmet is on it though.


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    Re: "Sharpy's Boba Fett Roundup" on Youtube

    I posted the same question 2 days ago, see comments ''dutchfett''

    this guy bobafettguru has another youtube account named ''welcomestranger''
    and if im right he has an TDH account here too, but im not sure


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    Re: "Sharpy's Boba Fett Roundup" on Youtube

    I don't think he's on TDH, but he's on BFFC:


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    Re: "Sharpy's Boba Fett Roundup" on Youtube

    I saw Sharpy last year at SuperNova Brisbane. Was filming to do a you tube video of the Con. Nice bloke

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