Sculpture Design Studio

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    Sculpture Design Studio

    I "stumbled" upon their video on youtube. Has anyone else ever heard of them or dealt with their products?

    Check it out tell me what you think.

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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

    Well, for as much work as he seems to have on films and TV, like Episode 3 as the senior model artist, why does he have no current pics of his work? Everything looks quite old. The only thing remotely new is the picture of the epi3 Clone Helmets.

    There is no real name, no address. It seems like its a scam to me. For someone who has worked on such high profile films and TV to have a website as low caliber as that and have no evidence to support him being on all those jobs, I just can't accept it as reality. I would say veer away from them.

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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

    yeah he claims to have worked on all those movies/shows yet we see no name. He wants us to buy his merch, but supplies no prices. Everything about this screams SCAM! I'd stay away. For all your Fett needs, I'd stay TDH referrals

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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

    My guess is it's an attempt to profit from the recognition the SDS initials and similarity of the name (Sculpture Design Studio v. Shepperton Design Studios) would generate at a hasty scan or partial awareness of who's done what in prop circles. Noob trap, as it were.


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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

    I have a thermal detonator just like that. Only mine's better.

    Any way of finding out for sure it's a scam?

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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

    Correction, thermal det is of a different design than mine. Got mine in my hands now.

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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

    this looks to be the same guy that claims he worked on EII and molded the jango helmet. he has scammed alot of people. i advise you avoid him like the black plague

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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

    looks like a bunch of recasted props.

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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

    The site is hosted by, and his email is on a free web-based server, and I see a lot of recast work.


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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

    so want one!:thumbup

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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

    Is that the Jeremy Bulloch face cast?

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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

    Foxbatkllr said: View Post

    uhh ohh...that isn't good...STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY!!

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    Re: Sculpture Design Studio

    Just blows my mind that this guy can continue to pose as a legit something.

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