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    Oct 22, 2008, 9:37 AM - Round 2 of shooting 11/15/08 #1

    Hello everyone, we will need extras again for 1-2 days of shooting to finish up our first major scene for our movie. This will take place on Saturday November 15th and possibly carry over into Sunday November 16th. For people traveling far we can help you out with accomodations, for people in the area, we are trying to establish call times for those who may not be able to commit a whole day to the shoot.

    WE WILL NEED TD'S WITH BFG'S!!! We will also take TK's that are willing to temporarily dirty their armor.

    We will also need at least 8 people to play our stunt Fetts..."Stunt" only meaning background, you won't nesecarily be doing any stunt work so to speak if you do not care to.

    We will also need any "hero" Fetts from the area and/or that would like to make it out.

    Everyone will be fed lunch and will get credit for their contributions. A typical day from what we've experienced is call at 7AM and the day will go to around 4 or 5 PM give or take...It's a typical work day with mixture of down time and chaos... : Nonetheless a good time!

    The location is in Geneva, FL which is just north of the Oviedo/ East Orlando area.

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