ROTS Vader

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    ROTS Vader

    Not many pics to show, but this is where I am right now. I ordered a mannequin last week and it came tuesday. It was too scrawny so I ended up padding his biceps and triceps, chest, and upper legs.

    So originally it looked like this:

    after the padding it looks like this:

    I'm REALLY happy with the way it's coming along so far. I've been slowly putting it together over 14 months. I have boots on the way (they are just stand-ins until I can find the ones I really want) and I need to modify the sith armor gloves to have the appropriate look. I'd like to replace the chestbox lights and a few other pieces, but this is where I am now. Hope you guys are as happy with it as I am so far!


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    Re: ROTS Vader

    Matt, you should be really proud, my friend!

    That is one stunningly awesome ROTS Darth Vader. And your padding work on the mannequin really brings things to life!! Incredible!!!

    I can also see from the sides of your pics that you've got quite the Hasbro STAR WARS collection going on as well. Kudos, pal, and Bra-VO!!!

    Can't wait to see this suit completed!

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    Re: ROTS Vader

    Thanks! I added the boots today.

    and here is the other side of the room:

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    Re: ROTS Vader

    Amazing bud! Keep it up : )

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    Re: ROTS Vader

    Very nice...wish I had a HIC. One day

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    Re: ROTS Vader

    Looks very nice,
    The pading does alot to the over all look ,
    cant have a scrawny vader, it just isnt right

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