I'm going to move from Spain to the UK in order to take a master course in Cranfield, UK. I'm going by car and I have to be there on September the 27th.

There is a good ferry that can leave me at Portmouth the 26th but it costs 519 euros (435 pounds). However, there is another ferry for only 359 euros (300 pounds) but it would leave me at Portmouth the 21st.

So I'm looking for a low budget room in which I can wait until I can go to the student residence (they only allow to check in one day before the courses start).

If you know someone who lives somewhere near Cranfield and wants to rent a room for those days, please, send me a PM. I just need a bed, a kitchen (I can cook my own food ir eat the what the host family eat), a bathroom and internet connectivity

Oh, I am 22 years old, I don't smoke and I will accept any kind of hour restrictions to be indoors.