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    Jun 29, 2009, 4:56 AM - Repect on the threads #1

    In the past few days, respect has not been shown to members of this forum, and I find unsettling. It seems that people cannot come onto this forum in the sarlacc pit and speak their mind without being attacked. It seems that if you have 5000 posts you can say whatever you wish and the admins will not punish you for it. I thoroughly enjoy reading the forums here, as well as posting when I see fit. What I don't like seeing is the rules being overlooked in cases of certain members on the board. These are just my thoughts, and I hope they are not deleted. I am not attempting to stir anything up, I just feel that the members of this board should hear the opinion of someone standing on the other side of the fence.

    If someone feels that they would like to share their non-religous lifestyle then I am not sure how that should be red flagged. There is a difference between a private militia and a security business. Granted I don't agree with the choice... but I would not want to keep someone from sharing it since it does not break our rules.

    The only rules that I found were broken were involving flaming, trolling, and respect. All of those were rules broken by other members on this board. My question to the members of this board, is if we can allow indifference. Can we allow the little man to be shunned or can we just let it go and allow the people who find it intriguing to post respectfully?

    Again, please do not delete this, because I only mention any of it out of respect for the dented helmet.

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  3. I helped at SDCC '08 NovallTalon's Avatar
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    Jun 29, 2009, 8:30 AM - Re: Repect on the threads #2

    There's a difference between sharing your lifestyle and openly recruiting others to it. TDH is first and foremost a costuming resource site...and I think some people have lost site of that fact.

    There's also a difference between the "little man" and someone who has a history doing questionable actions. The "little man" is someone who comes to TDH looking for help, and hopefully is thinking about contributing back to TDH at some point in time but for now is just here to learn what he/she can. There are also people who post here just to stir up a little controversy, which in turn draws people to them through drama. Usually it's someone without a real grasp on their own they have to live through the drama and problems they cause.

    Ya know what...where are the "Thanks Admins/Mods of TDH for making this place available!" threads that you SHOULD be starting instead of criticizing them , especially if it's over an incident involving someone who's been banned from other boards yet is still allowed to post here on TDH.

    I think you need to take a step back for a second and realize the gravity of what goes in to being a admin/mod of a community as large as this. Trust me, I know first hand. I also realize that there are some members of TDH who are going to be the first person throwing stones...that happens everywhere unfortunately and yes those people do need the occasional reprimand.

    Unfortunately sometimes situations happen where a mod or admin is unable to get to the boards fast enough to lock/delete posts if necessary. There are only a hand full of people here to moderate a community of over 4000 people.

    Pizzaman24, I know your post was not ment in ill-will but only out of concern for actions that to you seemed disrespectful. However, your post is in my opinion disrespectful to those who mod and maintain TDH. If someone posted a post like this over at the Mercs forums, I would feel highly insulted. I have much less tolerance for people using our hard work to recruit for their "alternate lifestyles" instead of posting about what the forum was created for in the first place.

    TDH was created for people who are interested in building costumes, not for people who are interested in creating and recruiting for alternative lifestyles, or for people who come here once in a blue moon just to stir the pot to attract attention through negative response.
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    Jun 29, 2009, 8:37 AM - Re: Repect on the threads #3

    Quiet you!

    I think there is a major diffrence in saying "Hi I'm Bob, I like Jango Fett, and I want to put a costume together." and putting together a society of costumed mercs. IMO, although evryone should proboly show respect for evryone, there is only so can take. We're all pretty odd already, so it doesn't take much. But then again, I think people who costume need at least a little bit of reality. Some people don't have any, and when those people speak out, I think they should at least expect to be criticized about it.
  5. Community Founder Art Andrews's Avatar
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    Jun 29, 2009, 9:10 AM - Re: Repect on the threads #4

    It is hard to follow up on NovallTalon's post because he pretty much nailed every point.

    pizzaman24, I agree that a few members went a bit over the top in their responses to uniderth, but your estimation that post count enables members to break the rules is incorrect. Not only were a couple of public reprimands posted, but several private as well. The fact that we don't always publicly post when we PM someone to tell them to "knock it off" doesn't mean it doesn't happen, and the assumption that post count equals some type of entitlement is on the verge of being offensive because you are implying we, the administration 1) aren't doing our job and 2) are showing favoritism. You couldn't be more wrong.

    With that being said, lets take this issue head on and not be coy. Uniderth has been here before, from what I can see, it was most likely before your time. He stirred up a lot of members with his ideas of creating his own country and government, creating some very controversial posts which bordered on and sometimes crossed the boundaries of anti-establishment, anti-government, and fell into the realm of soliders of fortune and possibly terrorism.

    We all love bounty hunters and Boba Fett in the fantasy realm of Star Wars. We all like the idea of mercilessly hunting down prey for hire, again, in George Lucas' fantasy setting. However, when you begin to lose sight of the line which separates fantasy and reality and begin to seriously talk and petition for people to become such fantasy characters, you have gone well outside the bounds of what TDH will allow. We are costumers, celebrating the designs and characters from the Star Wars films, not killers, not soliders-for-hire.

    TDH is a family friendly costuming board. We have members from all over the world and from all walks of life. We welcome them all but ask that they set their religious and political differences aside when they come here and instead focus on their common love for Star Wars costumes. Whether he wants to admit it or not, what uniderth is doing is making posts of a political nature. We don't want them here and the responses made in uniderth's threads (while a bit over the top in areas) make it clear this is something that none of the members want, not just the administration. Uniderth is welcome here if he wants to participate in costuming. However, the political agenda must be checked at the door, just like everyone else.

    Your impression that members should have something akin to the American right to free speech here at TDH is mistaken. Certain subjects are simply not welcome and creating a real life bounty hunter society is one of them. When considering these things, please keep these lines from the Code of Conduct in mind:

    "This public board is privately owned and is operated solely by the administrative staff. The administrative staff reserves the right to change and interpret this code as they see fit. Anything they feel is unbecoming of TDH will be removed at their discretion. The judgments and decisions of the administrative staff are final."
  6. Boba Swede's Avatar
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    Jun 29, 2009, 2:26 PM - Re: Repect on the threads #5

    Clamlord is back!? I should really check this forum more often. I've been missing out..
  7. Gino's Avatar
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    Jun 29, 2009, 5:29 PM - Re: Repect on the threads #6

    Quote NovallTalon said: View Post
    TDH was created for people who are interested in building costumes, not for people who are interested in creating and recruiting for alternative lifestyles...

  8. Formely Jaing Skirata Aden Skirata's Avatar
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    Jun 29, 2009, 5:34 PM - Re: Repect on the threads #7

    I just spit soda on my viewscreen!
  9. uniderth's Avatar
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    Jun 29, 2009, 7:54 PM - Re: Repect on the threads #8

    I seem to recall a "little man" explicitly stating that he was NOT here to recruit. Also this "little man" said that his primary work is the establishment of a company not a nation or other politcial group. That type of conversation would fall under business not politics/religion.

    I also noticed this "little man" made his posts in the Sarlacc Pit which is a forum for topics that do not involve costuming.

    Finally this "little man" seems a bit puzzled as to why people keep claiming that he wants to become fictional characters, or blur the line between reality and fiction. For what I've read he has repetedly made it clear that he is not trying to become a fictional character, to bring fictional chracters in the real world, or to create an anti- government (semi-)independant nation. Rather what I've read is that he is creating somthing inspired by a fictional source, not trying to become the fictional source. I'm sure he would appreciate it if people actually read what he has said and stop repeating those false claims as if they know his thoughts better than he does.

    Having said that I have a strong feeling that this "little man" is quite happy with the "agreement" has been made. And he is fine with his Mandalorian Unifrom thread.

    High Clam Lord
    A "Little Man"
  10. formerly LOPERO Scoutleader's Avatar
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    Jun 29, 2009, 8:12 PM - Re: Repect on the threads #9 was the thread "Mandalorian Unifrom " is removed???
    I enjoyed the artwork and creativity of the uniforms.I just regarded the thread as nothing more than any other thread of someone showing off their talents.
    I must have misread something it the thread that warranted it being removed or I just cant find it using the search bar.
    Oh well I just hang out here and try to go along with the rules set forth by the Admins....whom I have great respect for BTW
  11. uniderth's Avatar
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    Jun 29, 2009, 8:27 PM - Re: Repect on the threads #10

    No It's still there. Just further down on the first page.

    Thank you admins/mod for providing agreat place for all of us to come and share our creativity. You're really great!
    Last edited by uniderth; Jun 29, 2009 at 8:41 PM.
  12. silver n black's Avatar
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    Jun 29, 2009, 8:47 PM - Re: Repect on the threads #11

    this is the rise of the death watch! aaaaaahhhh...hihihihi freaking cucu man
  13. formerly LOPERO Scoutleader's Avatar
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    Jun 29, 2009, 8:53 PM - Re: Repect on the threads #12

    Found it...oh wow am I sorry....I did a search for it but it truned up that there was no match....I am sorry for jumping the gun
  14. CombatBaby's Avatar
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    Jun 30, 2009, 2:07 AM - Re: Repect on the threads #13

    When you get a cease from mods, that's when you need to learn to stop.

    It's not so much respect as it should be initiative on when or when not to continue discussion on something.

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