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    Apr 3, 2012, 5:48 PM - Remote Key FOB Hack for controlling an RF Servo Board from Hyperdynelabs #1

    Greetings TDH Members,

    As this is my first post, I figured I would add some value by posting some pics on connecting gauntlet buttons to a remote FOB for an RF servo. I hope this is helpful too some of you, because it freaked me out a little when I was trying not to cross solder the circuit board. lol

    First, let me say that Jim at Hyperdyne Labs:* Security Entry Node is fantastic to work with and goes above and beyond for the client. I ordered just about all my electronics from him (excluding chest lights from TK-409) and it is all top quality. His RF servo is particularly easy to install and great quality. Here's a pic of my left gauntlet as supplied by Ruffkintoy. It turned out really well and Chuck at ruffkin did a great job. I just received it last week. I was able to use the switches that Chuck supplied with the gauntlet.


    The Hyperdynelab servo controller FOB pictured below comes with the RF Transmitter/Receiver Kit that is designed to function with the Bounty Hunter Servo Controller Board, also from hyperdyne. With just a little care, you can take it apart by removing the small screw on the back underneath the sticker. When you have the back off of it, you can easily remove the circuit board and trace down the button solder points on the back.

    In this pic I have connected new wires to the back of the servo board that coincide with the button placements on the front. Do not remove the buttons on the front of the board as you may damage it. (You will, however, want to remove the rubber press pad that covers the buttons so you don't accidentally press it while wearing the gauntlet.) We are simply bypassing them by adding new wires to the back of the board. All you need to do is heat up the original contact points and connect the new wire leads. (I did not need to use any additional solder for this part. This is good, because more solder means more likely to cross circuits.) This procedure allows the original buttons to remain in play and the LED to light upon making a proper connection. Keep your hand steady when you are installing the wires. Be sure to keep excess wire to a minimum around the contact points. This will allow you keep insulation to a minimum so the backing can go on easily. I used a table vice to keep the board steady as I connected the wires. I only exposed a few millimeters of wire to avoid crossing the circuit board. If you so this wrong then the FOB will either fry or stay on continuously. The LED will stay lit all the time if you've crossed the circuit, so be sure to check the LED prior to reassembly.


    The pic below shows the wires coming from the FOB to the gauntlet buttons. I used solder and hot glue to insulate them inside the gauntlet. Use enough wire to enable you to remove the FOB and replace the batteries after you've worn them down with hours of RF stalk controlling fun.


    Now all you have to do is replace the back of the FOB and use hot flue to keep the wires in place. Finally, use a little velcro and position the FOB inside the gauntlet.


    And if you've done it all correctly, the LED will light up when you press the gauntlet buttons and transmit the signals to the receiver unit in the helmet.



    And there you have it! The remote FOB is easily accessible and you can replace the battery when you want. Not to mention the extreme cool factor when you press the gauntlet buttons to drop the RF and set your target! I highly recommend this kit from Jim at Hyperdyne Labs:* Security Entry Node It's extremely easy to work with and small enough to fit into your gauntlet. Thank You Jim for creating a great product!! (BTW - I also ordered the Pro Trooper Voice Amp System and RF Light Kit from Hyperdyne and they are also top notch.)


    Douglas (Warpcell)
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    Apr 3, 2012, 8:35 PM - Re: Remote Key FOB Hack for controlling an RF Servo Board from Hyperdynelabs #3

    To be clear, is this different from what Salamanderking offers? I know he has a servo kit and lights kit he offers, so I'm just curious if it's any different, as I've seen a servo-RF with the remote in the gauntlet before? I'm just wondering if it's any different, and if so how.
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    Apr 3, 2012, 11:07 PM - Re: Remote Key FOB Hack for controlling an RF Servo Board from Hyperdynelabs #4

    I'm not familiar with what Salamanderking offers. I'm rather new to TDH and am on my first Fett project. I was impressed with the size of the Hyperdyne FOB. It's very small and easy to mount. The servo is also very manageable. I can attest to hyperdyne's customer service. Jim is awesome to deal with. I had the FOB wired and mounted in less than an hour. The solder was tricky, but it turned out great. Hyperdyne's light kit is wireless and triggered by a mercury switch so there's no wires to run up the stalk if you get the self powered light kit. The servo board is capable of hard wiring the stalk with LEDs if the remote kit is out of budget.

    Hope this helps ya.

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