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    Feb 20, 2014, 11:47 AM - Question on future forum layout... #1

    I haven't seen anything. I could easily have missed it, I know Art and the other higher-ups on here are undoubtedly already aware of it and considering options, but I wanted to ask...

    With Leland Chee's recent announcement about the formation and purpose of the Story Group, how is TDH going to sort/organize things? The Clone Wars animated series was already considered "G-canon", so on par with the films. With new films coming out, including interstitial ones that aren't numbered parts of the main saga, I don't know if sequential reshuffling would be needed/desired. And with "Expanded Universe" being phased out as a concept (everything that the Story Group keeps in after winnowing through all the published works of the last almost-forty years will be part of a single consistent timeline, one level of canon, now that George isn't there to continue reserving the right to overwrite anything in the EU at whim), how will Mandos and other bounty hunters from the EU be classified in here?

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