Question about different Fett versions

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    Question about different Fett versions

    Hey guys, Im new to these AWESOME forums! Ive noticed that there are different movie versions of Fetts suit... whats the difference between the two??? Thanks!

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    Re: Question about different Fett versions

    Actually, if you really want to be technical, there's 6 versions of Boba Fett.

    McQuarrie Concept (All White Version)
    Pre-Production ("mustard and ketchup" Gauntlets, Mulit-colored JP)
    SW Holiday Special (Blue and Yellow)
    ESB (Green Gauntlets and JP, helmet has a slightly different color paint scheme - EE-3 looks different - silver barrel & sidearm on right thigh/buttock)
    ROTJ (Red Gauntlets, Multi-color JP, Helmet paint scheme, no sidearm, different EE-3)
    and Special Edition - ESB Helmet with ROTJ Suit (could be the other way around, if it is, please correct me someone!)

    I believe these are the very basic differences, but I am sure the many fine people here will be willing to give you a more in depth idea of what is what.

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    Re: Question about different Fett versions

    Ok thats a lot of help already! I was mainly concerned with the ESB and ROTJ versions. I noticed some with red gauntlets... I never noticed the different paint schemes tho, whats different? Also, are one fo the versions helmets designed differently? I notice some Fett helmets are wider than others. Thanks again

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    Re: Question about different Fett versions

    ohhh I see the difference now in helmets! the esb helmet has black in it like arching down along the jaw line. thats so cool!

    Actually im still unsure, I see the different paintscheme tho... Which version has the black in the helmet?

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    Re: Question about different Fett versions

    The ESB helmet has a darker color on the "cheeks." Is that the area you're talking about?

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    Re: Question about different Fett versions

    I believe so, Like at the top of the forum page and my avatar. So the ESB Fett helmet has the black where as the ROTJ is just a different shade of green?

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