Pre Vizsla's room painting

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    Pre Vizsla's room painting

    Hey Mandos,
    I seek for the full sized clear seen in details painting you can see in CW S2E12 - "The Mandalore Plot".
    Here I emphasized it with red frame:

    Or, at least, somebody can tell me, what exactly is painted there?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Pre Vizsla's room painting

    It reminds me of Picasso's "Guernica" Wikipedia article but with a Mandalorian theme.

    Perhaps it's supposed to reflect the horror of war, as a reminder of why their culture turned pacifist? Obviously misdirection and trickery to conceal Vizla's real purpose.
    It would be cool to see a better view of that Pre Vizla version.

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    Re: Pre Vizsla's room painting

    Wow, thank you for the tip, I have find full version THERE =)

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