Pre-Pro Boba Fett pics

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    Pre-Pro Boba Fett pics

    Hey all, I looked for pre-pro pics, and the threads that have pics in them are either the same three i've seen everywhere, or the ones that were put up are no longer hosted. SOOOO, I'd like to get all the pics anyone has. you can either put them up here, or send them to my email, which is:

    I have the Kenner photo shoot pics, the one with him bending down, the one where he's facing forward about cod up, and the one where he's got the cape over the front of him (with the eyes on the bucket). Thanks everyone

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    Re: Pre-Pro Boba Fett pics

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    Re: Pre-Pro Boba Fett pics

    the prepro suit is a bamf.

    tk7602 that was a really nice pic

    i'm on lunch right now. when i get home if i can scrounge anything up i'll post

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    Re: Pre-Pro Boba Fett pics

    There are a number of good pics on the Brak's reference CD. You can get it here:

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    Re: Pre-Pro Boba Fett pics

    TK 7602, that was one huge pic! I'm on my never-ending journey of making a PP2 Fett, so that pic is very useful to me. BTW, that's the one FAT HEAD has of Boba Fett.

    BTW, if anyone is feeling generous, I'd like the Boba Fat head as an early birthday present.

    Pre Pro 2 rocks!

    Hey, Vable, check your e-mail for some PP2 pix.

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    Re: Pre-Pro Boba Fett pics

    yeah, that pic is from the fathead site... i went through their little flash image viewer, took a ton of screen caps, then spliced them together. i got bored

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    Re: Pre-Pro Boba Fett pics

    Very nice Brian! Glad you were bored! Your boredom has provided us with another awesome pic!

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    Re: Pre-Pro Boba Fett pics

    Got some pics here you may find useful

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