Thank you "The Dent" for giving me this apportunity to share this idea with the group.......
I would like to share this suggestion for a fun thread...hopefully.
The idea came to me the other day of a photo bounty hunt thread.Most here dream what it would be like to be bounty hunters based on characters from the SW universe.Since we can not put out bounties on other people,well legally that is.I thought what about if some put a bounty out on a photograph images the would like to see.
Bounties have a monetary/credit need so to collect the bounty but with this there is no plan for that here.Unless this idea takes off and a point/credit system is created.So until then if you share a image that is requested just take away the fact you did a good deed.
The are no rules but there are some suggestion to keep some sort of order with the spirit of this idea.

1.NO RUDE OR OFFENSIVE IMAGES OR SUGGESTIONS FOR A IMAGE(please follow the image guidelines from the Code of Conduct here)
2.All images should have a bounty hunter from the Star Wars universe in it.It can be of a figure or a person in their outfit.A close up second image might be needed,that is ok.Showoff that hunter whom got thier bounty.
3.PLEASE NO PHOTOSHOPPING or pulling images off the net("googling").That is way to easy.Most here have a digital camera or a phone camera...get out and use them.
4.Suggest "outside of the box" but please dont suggest something TO "outside of the box"
5.Ofcorse there can be more than one bounty photo posted for a bounty suggestion.
6.HAVE FUN WITH THIS.Creative input is always welcome.

Now by this point in your reading you might be wondering how would go.So let me try to show you by an example posting...
( bounty suggestion)
" I am looking for an image of a motor that goes on in a big truck/18 wheeler"
(bounty photo reply)
"Here are two images of a new motor that I will be putting in a 18 wheeler where I work.

Fett always gets his bounty


See it is that easy.Hopefully I explained my idea clear.Now let the photo bounting begin......