Philly Comic Con 2011

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    Philly Comic Con 2011

    WHO IS GOING! i will be there on saturday with my best friend ! who is going and what is everyone wearing there??

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    I was soooo close! I was going to go, but I have to be home on Sunday for a father's day lunch being hosted at my house. Unfortunately I can't skip it if I'm the cook!

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    Yep, i'll be there representing my ROTJ Fett for the 501st

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    sweet see you there ! i can not wear my catwoman costume due to a bad flair up of a scar across my face but ill probably be wearing my femme vader gear just for the hell of it ! storm trooper guy sorry you can not make it but have a great time with your dad , i am sure he will appreciate a great home cooked meal .. that is awesome!

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    Blerg! That's a bit too far for a weekend trip for me. I would've loved to meet Adam Baldwin.

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    I'm from allentown originally, if I hadn't moved to montana when I was seven I'd be there

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    aww :< yea a lotta cool people will be there!

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    Yes I will be there SAT with my friend. I'll be wearing my TDH shirt no Fett gear.

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    saw quite a few people there yesterday... I wasn't dressed, but had on urban camo and a black workout shirt...

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    Hmm. I was their from 2pm to like 5:30 pm I hunged around the 501st sections and the section where the Jedi's were practice fighting, I was also at the Mando Mercenary section checking out their armors. A couple of folks recognized my TDH shirt but that was all i encountered for the day. It was fun! Sorry to have missed any of you's if you were thier?

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    BUH i saw one guy from the replica prop forum who was there with his family he spotted me introduced himself and said hi other then that i got to meet my friend in the giant zombie hulk suit.. im so sad i did not get to meet anyone from here ! -[ i got there 10 am and did not leave till it was over .... i joined the costume contest with my friend and everything lol

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    Uhhg! it would have been a blast!

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    and so it starts!

    first things first ...we get pulled over and ticketed on the way .LOOKING LIKE THIS ... hilarious

    anne hathaway....

    me and alric .... being exhausted and smug...

    it took hours to complete his makeup application !


    this is real strangulation ... thats what friends do right? kill eachother?

    this suit is awesome by my friend eric negron

    and then i died..

    the end .. oh and this YouTube - &#x202a;Wizard World Comic Con Philly 2011&#x202c;&rlm; me and alric choke eachother around 2:47 , you could also see a bunch of cool artwork in that video .... the other video with me in it is from the costume contest YouTube - &#x202a;Philly Comic-Con 2011: Female Darth Vader&#x202c;&rlm; PLEASE POST ANYTHING THAT YOU MAY HAVE!!!

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    I followed your Vader corset build on the RPF. It turned out really well and looks great. Good to hear you had a blast at the Con.

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    Great photos and you looks great too.

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    thanks guys , the venue was small but it was def. a blast .. me and my friend had a great time ... even after i did hours of makeup application buh

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    Here they go some late pics of the Phyli CON.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 170-jpg   169-jpg   165-jpg  

    171-jpg   173-jpg   174-jpg  

    176-jpg   180-jpg   186-jpg  

    188-jpg   199-jpg   203-jpg  

    204-jpg   206-jpg   208-jpg  

    209-jpg   210-jpg  

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    **** I missed you both... Error were you at the Cosplay picture shoot? There were so many people in the shoot so I don't know if I got you or not? and Metalboy Dunno if I saw you either. I was in a black athletic top with urban camos and boots... Urban camo cover as well... I was carrying around what looked like a dang rifle bag all day...

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    Yeah I did miss you guys we just kept missing each other? Well the next Cons should be in October around the tri-state area, hopefully in N.Y.C again? and I will be there again!

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    Re: Philly Comic Con 2011

    lol smuwindu , i was probably making dust angels somewhere or laying on my face , i did not participate on any of the cosplay photos neither did my friend ....we were busy being jerks and yea hopefully we can all meet at nyc!!!

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