pepakura file help please

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    pepakura file help please

    i've got these pepakura files can someone tell me what program to open RAR files with?

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    Re: pepakura file help please

    Go download WinRar, its free. A .rar file is just a zipped file, the WinRar program lets you extract the files.

    But I don't know how to open the actual files after you extract them. They are .pdo and I didn't have anything that could read .pdo files and didn't really care to research it.

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    Re: pepakura file help please

    You need pepakura viewer 3. Just google it.

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    Re: pepakura file help please

    WinRar link
    Pepakura Designer (shareware) link

    Pepakura designer is also free, and it allows you to edit and scale the development.

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