Hi all, posting this as a 'to do' list to myself and to let you know just where I am with the project. Now I thought I was pretty close to finishing, well I am, but if I had made this same list at the start of the project i would have had me a TK by now

Any items which do not have a full 100% Fett Factor are areas already identified as upgradable. Any with a 100% score are, in my opinion just about the best available!

I will upload photos as each Item is completed.

I first posted this up on Kote mandos site, which is where the links go to. So if it reads a bit strange, that will be why.


Early Mystery Helmet, unknown maker and painter. Weathered and finished by BM.
To Do - Need to change my RF stalk for ali and buy or build a hollow RF to take my self contained working LED curcuit board.

Happy enough with the bucket. The motion sensor LED's in the range finder are a nice bit of kit, and help improve the over all Fett Factor. I did remove Jeremy's signature so should be good to troop. May upgrade if the right bucket comes my way. Fett Factor 95%


Fett Pride V3 vac formed painted by our own Mojo Fett,
To Do - Need to sort a set of shackman chest lights and sort attachment to vest and sorce ali stud set and knee darts.

What can I say, awesome armour with awesome paint job, to be fair they probably help make the bucket look better. Fett factor 100%

The WIP of the painting of the armour can be seen here, Bobby Fetts Armour Paint Thread, by Mojo Fett.


Bobamaker, with seperate front closing neck seal, supplied weathered.
To Do - Attach armour and create holes for jet pack harness.

The fit is outstanding, very comfortable, again awesome. Fett factor 100%

Jet Pack

Scratchbuild from WOF templates, unfinished. Man of War harness.
To Do - Finish detailing and prep for paint. Reasearch and build accurate lower meal harness, with waist belt and source US Divers buckle. Source ali Stabaliser and becon. Screen accurate top hooks on order (TDH run) Reasearch Jet Pack greeblies and source. Complete research and build beacon light.

Very happy with the pack, some issues a true Fett head may spot but should be fine for clearance when finished. Planning second pack build and sourcing parts (thanks Mojo) Fett Factor 70%

You can see the WIP of the jet pack build here, Bobby Fett's Scratchbuilt Jet Pack


Ruffkin rebuilt and painted by me.
To Do- Source an Ali rocket, improve flame thrower unit, including adding the switches I have, rebuild and repaint again. I am thinking about usin FG inside to add strength. I also need to source and add screen accurate hose attachments and new hoses.

Overall they are OK, currently used on my Mando, probably first on my list of upgrades! Fett Factor 65%

Flight Suit

Bobamaker, supplied weathered.
To Do - pad out the pockets.

Pretty awesome and again fits great. Fett Factor 100%


Bobamaker, supplied weathered.

Finished. Fett Factor 100%

Ammo Belt

99 Cent Taco, non-functional

To Do- Weathering, improve the velcro fastening.

The belt is very nice and Real leather. It was not bought direct from Taco and as such the velcro to the rear is not perfect for me so that needs to be tidied up some, and then weathering, researching at the moment. This is one of them jobs that can be done right away and requires no money - this is not often said! Fett Factor 100%

Girth belt

Scratchbuild, as per TK409 website.
To Do - The belt is currently in two 7 strand belts and could do with being sewed together.

This was my first scratch build item and as such I am pretty happy with it. Currntly used on my Mando. Fett Factor 80%


CA Boots.
To Do - Weathering and source Ali Toe Spikes.

Currently being weathered as per Spidyfetts tutorial. It is a lot harder than you might think. They look painted to me which I dont like. I think I would prefer to use talc and charcoal and actually rub it in, but I have started now so we will see. They will look right when finished no matter what! Fett Factor 75% - currently

Shin Tools

Original Patterson 'Found Items'
To Do - I have cut the squeegee to size, but that is about it, more research and building required. Fett Factor 100%

Wookie Braids

Scratch build from dolls hair.
To Do - Complete and weather.

I would like a better set, but these are looking pretty good. Some more research required to finish in a screen accurate manner. This is an SE fett and the braids are more ESB than ROTJ, which leaves me with few reference photos. Fett Factor 80%


TK 409 with damage
To Do - weather

Nice original shelter half supplied with worn damage and button hole! Need to research weathering and apply. Fett Factor 100%


TK 409
To Do - weather

Pretty boring, but essential.
Fett Factor 100%


To Do - Repair damage caused troopiing - my bad!

Great blaster, looking into an ali bracket to attatch the pistol to the stock currently. Also interested in the rubber blaster being offered on TDH, when sorted out. Fett Factor 95%

Other Items.

Would like to get hold of a Rom FX and a Balaclava, for which I am considering scratch build from reference photos.

Did I forget something?

Shopping List :
Ali RF stalk
Hollow RF
Shackman Lights
Ali Stud set for armour
Ali Knee Darts
Ali Beacon and Stabaliser
US Divers Buckle
Air brush and paints as per list supplied by Mojo Fett
Ali Toe Spikes
Rom FX