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    Feb 2, 2010, 10:50 AM - NTT Bruce! #1

    Posted this over at TheMPPC and thought afew of you would like this as well

    360 degree Video ----->

    Click image for larger version. 

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    SC-USA inc. - Bruce NTT FAQ:

    1. What is Bruce NTT?

    The name 'Bruce' refers to the shark depicted in the classic motion picture ‘JAWS’ and was coined after Spielberg’s ‘shark-like’ lawyer. There were a few names used to describe the shark by characters in the film, but the ‘behind the scenes’ name ‘Bruce’ has stuck with true fans over the years. NTT is an acronym describing the nose to tail attributes of the largest, and what many are calling the most accurate maquette rendition of this particular ‘platform’ version of ‘Bruce’ ever made.
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    2. What makes this ‘platform’ version unique?

    Of the three sharks created for the film the two ‘Platform sharks’ (one with right-side access to mechanics, and one with left-side open, and mirrored features) were used mainly for pop up shots from the water as well as exposed attacks and close ups. These sharks were mounted on platforms used to pully the shark through extended motions in concert with integrated animatronic features.

    All three sharks were created from the same molds but padded, framed, and set differently. Because each shark required continuous upkeep and patching there was slight variance in appearance and paint from scene to scene throughout the film.

    The third shark was called the ‘tow shark’ or ‘sea sled shark’. Anytime, Bruce was seen on screen moving faster than a man can walk, or from a distance, it was usually the ‘tow shark’. The tow shark was rounder in shape, and its features less detail oriented.

    Alternately, The ‘platform shark[s]’ angles were much sharper, slimmer and more pronounced with a much more angular look. This was due to the difference in skinning and padding over the jointed frames as well as shell cut outs under skin to hold the shape of the cast skins [hard areas vs flex areas]. A ‘platform shark’ was utilized in the infamous underwater Hooper/cage attack.

    NTT Bruce replicates ‘Platform Bruce’ early in the production with some slight screen wear, after being re-prepped for filming in Vineyard Haven on Martha’s Vineyard , MA…otherwise known affectionately by the crew as ‘Shark City’.

    3. Didn't Sideshow make a Bruce maquette a few years ago? Why is this different?

    NTT is not meant to diminish the value of the sideshow version and the team that created it, however in contrast, NTT Bruce was derived from countless years of extreme research and direct consultation with JAWS production vets like Joe Alves. Mike Schultz's intimate knowledge of animatronics and the real inner workings of the 3 production sharks was also integral in creating the precise accuracy required to recreate this miniature.

    While an artistic achievement, NTT is mathmatically based completely on the screen used prop platform sharks as seen in the film, as opposed to the 'pre-production' version Sideshow produced, which was based primarily on early designs, blueprints, plans, and guesstimation. In that respect the Sideshow JAWS maquette and the Bruce NTT are different sharks in final execution and look. NTT is also somewhat larger.

    3. When will it be available?

    Current plans are to roll out packaged limited edition BRUCE NTT’s to the public in line with next year’s anniversary of the films’ theatrical release. However as a distributor/manufacturer has not been inked and locked this release date is still tentative.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    4. How do I get one?

    At this time, prior to pre-order announcement and pricing, we’re accepting reservations in the form of a list only. This list is called the NTT Preorder Assignment List, or NTT-PAL.

    To gain acceptance to the list you’ll need to provide your full name and mailing address. This information will be verified by snail mail for approval so information must be correct and current.

    Acceptance to the list allows priority placement for those wanting to be first in line to be able to place pre-orders when the official pre-order terms are announced. NTT will be a limited edition release, therefore the opportunity to own one will be limited to a select few collectors.

    In simple terms, no money is being accepted at this time, but rather a spot on the NTT-PAL only. There is no charge to be on the list.

    5. How do I make sure I get a low limited edition number?

    Those on the NTT-PAL placing paid pre-orders will have available edition numbers offered and assigned should they so choose, based on numerical priority. Edition number invitations will be allocated based on NTT-PAL join dates only after active OO forum members have had the opportunity to place paid pre-orders.

    Active Operation Orca members with at least 1 post will have the first opportunity to place pre-order payments. .Limited edition numerical priority for active OO members will be based on current number of posts placed on the forum at the time pre-order acceptance terms are announced.

    *Exceptions and/or modifications to the afor mentioned information are subject to change at anytime and are at the discretion of Fred Stine/Operation Orca. For further questions contact us at

    5. Product specs:

    Type: Maquette

    Casting material: Pending final product

    Size: 10" H (254mm) x 18.75" W (476.25mm)* x 37" L (939.8mm)
    (*Width based on both pecs placed horizontally without droop, as originally cast. Prototype displayed with drooped pecs. Both pec configurations may be offered as interchangable/removable accessories.)

    Pending final product

    Box Size:
    Pending final product

    Est. Shipping Weight:
    Pending final product

    Dimensional Weight (DIM):
    Pending final product

    *Product final retail cost TBA pending production/distribution parameters

    ** Ship cost and limitations TBA pending distribution parameters

    Artist: Mike Schultz

    Manufactured by: Pending
    (Base design and other product options pending)

    Please visit Operation Orca for more Info --

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