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    hey guys
    im new on here and i am currently building a mando
    i am a member of the rebel legion uk and have a few outfits i use for trooping in!!!!
    i hope you guys can help me out with navigating round the site
    also i will be looking for some friendly advice and hope to find someone to help me complete my build
    as i am from scotland and i find it hard too source armor and i am not the best at building my own
    anyway....hope to hear from you all

    cheers ARKME

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    Hi arkme, your in the right spot for help on your mando, a great bunch of people here and an awesome sorce for all your mando/fett gear.
    Good luck with the build and be sure to post pics and keep us all up to date with how everything is going.

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    hey dude welcome to the forum and first*repeats what jaster said* and seconds ^^ hope you have fun here!

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