Hello everyone,

My name is pablo and I am new to the forum.

I have been a fett fan ever since I was a kid and took my fett kenner figure everywhere cause I found him so cool. now after some tweenty something years my dream is to begin to make my boba fett ROTJ costume from scratch.

I bought a few years back a boba fett helmet Don post thinking It would be an easy task, well I was wrong, I started university and became an architect and the helmet stayed on my shelf untouched.

now married and working and relocated to Sydney, Australia (before I lived and grew up in santiago Chile) the boba BUG came back and I am determined to start.

My first question to the forum. What do you guys think about the Don post green interior boba helmet, is it a good start ?

how do I know if the helmet is warped after so many years I look at it and it looks a bit squashed, If i leave it in my car on a hot day or blow it with a hair drier would it softern and go back to its original shape or shoul i leave it as it is ??

thanks guys