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New Millennium Falcon WOW!!

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    Re: New Millennium Falcon WOW!!

    lets see a pic of it with a figure for scale

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    Re: New Millennium Falcon WOW!!

    ilikebmxbikes said: View Post
    lets see a pic of it with a figure for scale
    Link to pics. -

    *waves hand* Evryone needs to buy a BFM *waves hand*

    On a side note, sorta depressed, because for all of what I spent at MM, I could of had a hyperfirm MG34.

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    Re: New Millennium Falcon WOW!!

    Man that is one neat "toy"!! Too bad they waited 30 years to make it that nice old ESB circa 1980 gave me countless hours of fun

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    Re: New Millennium Falcon WOW!!

    Yeah, I just picked one up yesterday. I saw it and had to have it. The wife was not happy, but there was no way I was putting it back.

    I did not even know one that size was coming out. I put it together and love it!!! The coolest feature is when you hit the button for the ramp, it is spring loaded, and when it comes down, two yellow lights shine down and it makes a cool mechanical, hydrolic, steam venting sound.

    It's awesome!

    My only complaint is the landing gear. They pop on and off pretty easy, when you make something as cool as this, you gotta have retractable landing gear.

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    Re: New Millennium Falcon WOW!!

    Saw it, want it, cant afford it.... *sighs*

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    Re: New Millennium Falcon WOW!!

    If it would have been $100 i'd have bought it when i saw it at walmart.

    I think of it like the royal starship in 1999 for The phantom menace.

    It started at $129.99 or something and I ended up getting it for $39.98 clearance when they realized how much TPM they were sitting on 6 months later.

    I think there are going to be a lot of falcons lying around and with the size the price will go down to at least $120 pretty quickly.

    I bet these will be $100 by christmas.

    Maybe i can even find a toys r us 25% off $50 or more purchase coupon somewhere. I know they have coupons like that there.

    I just know i want it and $150 i can afford, but am never going to pay.

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