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    Jul 24, 2008, 3:28 PM - New mandalorian based video game Mod #1

    that titles a mouthfull :P

    Hi guys,
    i'm Alex also known as HaVoC373 on most boards, i've been watching this board for a while now and i'm very impressed by the quality most of you put into your costumes, it has even convinced me make some plans for my own costume. and i am planning to tie this costume into my current project

    anyways now for the more interesting bit
    the reason i am posting here is because i'm currently in the planing phase of a Crysis based total conversion mod, centered around a female mandalorian set in the star wars legacy comic era (about a decade before comics start). i'm going to throw off the kiddy veil that starwars has gathered as of late by introducing some more adult themes into this game. and i figured that since mandalorians are warriors that would be a very nice medium to do that with. First of all i'm going to use the karin traviss books as the main source of inspiration regarding the mandalorian culture and their politics. (something i think alot of you will apriciate) also since the story takes place between 70 and 80 years after the legacy of the force books, it allows me alot of creative freedom. and that is where you come in. i was wondering if some of you guys would be willing to throw in some idea's in this thread regarding the status of mandalore during this time period. (though this wont be official star wars canon in any way it will still try to stay true to the star wars canon as it is known now).

    for those interested. here's a snipit of what i had in mind for the main character and also her armor design.

    Name: Gen Bellionoir (working title)
    Homeworld: Mandalore
    Ship: and old modified gozanti cruiser
    Training: Mandalorion shock trooper, imperial knight.
    Short Bio:
    when Gen was very young roughly 8 years old, when her mother took her on a easy dept collecting job to Nar Shadaa, however the job went horribly sour.
    it was a trap set up by Mondaba the Hutt (one of nar shadaa's seemingly minor crimelords). she was killed in an ambush close to her ship. because mondaba wanted a set of mandalorian Bes'kar gam. as gen went out looking for her mother she came across an imperial knight, on an undercover assignment on nar shadaa. the girl still grieving heavy over the last words she heard from her mother over the ships com system. the man noticed a connection to the force eminating from the girl. he took it upon himself to convince the girl to join come with him to the imperial knight academy on bastion. where she begun her training. *fast forward 11 years*
    gen had completed her training but found no real loyalty to the empire. she still remembered her mandalorian heritage too much for that. having graduated 2 years earlyer. she was now a full rank imperial knight, trained in the force but not a jedi nor sith. when the sith allied themselves with the empire and roan fel she left. she coulnt take the hypocracy of the empire any longer. she ran back to mandalore. a place she haddent visited for 11 years. she took back her mandalorian heritage but kept her force powers a secret. for she knew she wouldnt be populair among her brothers and sisters if they knew.

    here's just a snipit of that background story i am writing for this character. note though that it is in no way complete this is just a quick summary.
    and for those of you who are interested. here's the design i made for her.

    note that on her right wrist she doesnt wear a mando gauntlet but a pure cortosis gauntlet as worn by imperial knights. this is mainly because she carries two lightsabers. one standard imperial knights silver blade lightsaber. and another custom blue or purple one.

    the main reason why i am posting this is because i want your opinions. i'm sure alot of you are quite familiar with mandalorian lore. and i gues i just want to know what the vets think of this little game project.

    i'm sorry if i posted this in the wrong subforum.

    Alex out.
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    Jul 24, 2008, 7:53 PM - Re: New mandalorian based video game Mod #2

    although I'm not against a mando game, I have some views.

    1. Wouldn't carrying two lightsabers give her secret away? I mean as soon as she whipped them out and began using them as she was trained, it'd become obvious where her talents lie.

    2. I'd research as much as possible around creating the mod, as to not violate and TOS etc.. with the original game as well as anything Lucas might have.

    3. The problem with setting storylines even 80 or so years after the last current book, is you will almost always contradict something written. It's fine as long as you tend to keep away from major well known characters etc... but you get the idea. It'd kinda be like doing a storyline where Cade Skywalker joins the Mandos and quits the jedi, then having the Legacy comic come out where he goes to war against them etc...

    4. In all, I'd put severe research into this before getting in too deep. Cause I promise you things will change between now and then. It could be you'll take a charcater a different direction that previously intended.

    5. With mando's combining them with the Force should be done RARELY! The storyline with Bardan and Venku carrying on from the Republic Commando books to the Legacy of the Force was done with great taste and class. And they were only in it a couple times. The best thing about Mandos is they don't NEED the force to do what they do, they're just that good. Throwing the force in, and you get the same problem writers have with Superman and The Hulk. That's almost NO good villains or anyone to really give them a challenge. Most of Superman's battles with the exception of Doomsday are moral battles, not physical (I'm talking the good stories, not the "let's give this villain strength and have him fight Supes") and The Hulk's battles are more him vs his own self. When they have the power of a god, creating a believeable conflict that the character can't just simply overpower and throw him into the next galaxy quickly becomes extremely difficult if not near impossible. IMO I'd take away the Force, maybe have her trained to fight Jedi, similar to how Jaina was trained by Boba, it's much more believeable, but still gives you tons of stories to work with. Besides The Force and lightsabers are overdone, I'm eager to see the new movie coming out, but truth to tell I'm kinda sick of every star wars movie coming out and focusing on the Jedi and someone named Skywalker. I'd prefer to read my old republic commando books over most of the new books that are coming out simply because of the lack of Jedi and/or The Force.

    Again everything stated is my opinion and you're free to disregard it and make her the King Beast of all Force Users, it's up to you.
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    Jul 24, 2008, 8:14 PM - Re: New mandalorian based video game Mod #3

    While I might play the game a little. i think you will lose the audience of my husband and son totally by making the main character a girl and they spend FAR more time and money on video games. They just don't like playing girl characters and I hate listening to them argue about " whose turn it is to play a girl character" in Justice league video game.
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    Jul 25, 2008, 2:25 AM - Re: New mandalorian based video game Mod #4

    the funny thing is. the more i ask for other people''s opinions the more i run into opposition to the mandalorian force user concept. and i do agree jedi have been done to death. hence the reason why i chose a imperial knight. (though technicaly its not that diffrent)
    so chances are that i am going to change that part around quite a bit.

    also the chances of me running into continuity problems are inevitable, i am very aware of this hence why i set it 80 years since the last book. since not alot is known about this time period. and why i am basing it off the information that is known now. also the character is not going to run into any of the well known people from the comic. apart from maybe seeing Roan fel on a view screen or something. but zero interaction with them.

    also another thing i forgot to mention, this will be a serries based around a episodic content model, but with a twist. and since its a volounteer project the time between episodes will vary obviously.

    also the reason why i chose a female star is because 90% of all game characters are men. and while there are plenty of good games out there with women as their main character i figured i could make a cool character based around a Mandalorian minority :P (minority as in there arent as much female mando custumes and art then there are of men.)

    Thanks alot for your opinions so far
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    Jul 25, 2008, 5:21 AM - Re: New mandalorian based video game Mod #5

    its just a crysis mod, so canon, while cool, isn't entirely crucial. I just wanna play as a mando kicking major.... well u get the idea
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    Jul 25, 2008, 6:58 AM - Re: New mandalorian based video game Mod #6

    I'd suggest if you wish to still give her an imp knight background, you could do a Cade/Raven-ish background where she either choose to reject the force or somehow had it forcibly taken from her. That could give some flashbacks to the days where she could. Then you could have her being a force-user, but not being mando.
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    Jul 25, 2008, 8:49 AM - Re: New mandalorian based video game Mod #7

    I think this is a killer idea, Havoc!!! I used to play the heck out of the Heavy Metal FAKK 2 game (blew away Laura Croft, 1000 times more violent, the weapons were way over the top and it was dead sexy, baby, yah) and I really love mods!!! Keep us posted, please!

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    Aug 7, 2008, 5:13 PM - Re: New mandalorian based video game Mod #8

    for those still interested here's what i have in mind for the current state of mandalore during this timeframe. the actual game will start roughly 5 to 6 years after this.

    The new mandalore opened the planet to interstellar trade and commerce. Soon mandalore became a new frontier for offworld businesses and the likes. The number of non Mandalorians living on the planet skyrocketed and before long the tension between the Mandalorians and the new comers mounted. Though the planets economy was stable for the first time in decades. And the planet was actually thriving. However the mix of Mandalorians and regulars just didnt work. Fights broke out everywhere.

    The ruling mandalore was branded a fool and exiled from the planet and any other enclaves.
    Not long after mandalore found itself in a civil war.

    Mandalorians versus the newcomers.
    Though it wasent much of a war, the Mandalorians were outnumbered 2 to 1 but that didnt matter, the Mandalorians drove the new comers off.

    Now Mandalore is once again under mandalorian control. The civil war left several cities on Mandalore completely ruined. Keldabe was hit the hardest. Nearly the entire stronghold city was leveled, during orbital bombardments. Some of the lower buildings still stand but everything that made keldabe keldabe was destroyed.

    so at the start of the game Kel dabe is still mostly a ruin. and this is also a place where the player can roam around freely and do side quests that will lead into offworld missions.

    let me know what you guys think.

    Alex out.

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