Ok, I'm new around these boards and have been slowly gathering information on various things Fett. I'm making my first Fett costume and have everything on order except the helmet. My plan is to do the HS Fett or Annimated Fett if you like as there are enough movie version. ( I want to be a bit different) So some general questions. 1. whats the prefered type of paint to use on the armor? I'm going to guess enamel. 2. I was reading a thread about topical application and layered. With the layered, what do you use for "templates" when laying out the scratches and such. 3. what are the basic steps for painting your armor?

There are some amazing costumes on here and I was surprised at how much attention is paid to the detail of the original costume. I don't know if my first one will be that good but I'm going to have fun trying.

Thanks in advance for your help and input!