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    May 30, 2012, 1:54 PM - Need Input for class: Adults only (May be kinda controversial) #1

    OK I am taking a class at my college called "Religion: East & West" During this we have to do 2 projects that we pick form a list and then present them. One I picked was "Write about a controversial subject in the tradition Religion." I chose the topic of homosexual marriage/homosexuality. I know this can raise some emotions, and if this gets out of hand I trust the mods to delete this. What I need is the following and then I will state the rules.

    1. Are you for or against homosexuality/marriage?
    2. Religion: (catholic, Buddhist, Muslim etc....)
    3. Short answer of why you are for or against( IE: against my religion, personally feel it's wrong/right).
    4. If your choice was a result of your religion, would you feel differently if you considered homosexuality/marriage without using your religion as a guide?

    The Rules.....

    1. PM me with your answers, I was thinking of having you simply post them, but I feel that may get out of hand so it may be better that opinions aren't publicly posted (unless you of course want to post them instead of PM, in which case you still must follow the rules)
    2. Be adult
    3. No derogatory terms.
    4. If posting publicly, No attacking other posters over their opinions/beliefs.

    Like I said this is for a class and I thought instead of using generic information and guesswork I'd use some real world opinions. I do not care one way or the other if you are for or against the topic, I'm just wanting honest answers. All PM's will remain confidential and no information will be released to third parties. (IE: I'm not gonna tell "X" who answered or what was said) Thank you in advance for anyone choosing to help out.

    To the MODS: If you feel that this simply isn't right or it gets out of hand feel free to delete this there won't be any hard feelings. Last thing I would want is to cause waves.
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    May 31, 2012, 3:24 PM - Re: Need Input for class: Adults only (May be kinda controversial) #2

    pm send m8, hope you can use it

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