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    Sep 16, 2010, 5:41 PM - Mythosaur Skull Embroidery Is In Hand #1

    Ok i went and got the bantha skull made for embroidery, So if you want a patch or any hats or t-shirts with your own info on it let me know, Working on the digitzing of the mando font so plain english font is what your getting till the mando font is done.. Just an FYI this can be sized so let me know and i got the skull by itself as well with out the dorito i can stick this in a circle and also other shapes and if you want fonts thats extra on the money. depending on the size you want on fonts. Velcro Is an option but that costs extra by $5.00 per patch, Patch size from 3"h x 4"w to 6"x 6" for the shoulders $25.00 ea. Back patch 8.5"w x 11"h $40.00 and up.

    Fabric backgroud can be changed to Tan,Black,Woodland Camo or Digital Marine,Desert Camo,Blue,O.D. Green,Brown,Red,ACU,Purple,Pink. If you dont see a color listed please feel free to ask.

    I also make kilts as well $250.00, Just need exact messurements and color Sghipping is $30.00 with insurance included

    Payments: I only except "Postal Money Orders" No paypal i've had past problems with paypal. Shipping & Handling $7.00 insurance included

    Payments Mailing Info:
    Steve Jordan
    103 Walter Dr.
    Woodbridge,N.J. 07095

    Patch Pic 1 Mind you this is a sample patch and stitching will not look like this

    Patch Pic 2

    Me In My Kilt:

    Kilt Pic:

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    Sep 16, 2010, 6:15 PM - Re: Mythosaur Skull Embroidery Is In Hand #2

    even though i think it's funny, you might get busted by art or mirax for that third picture.

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