My apoligy

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    My apoligy

    Hi Everyone,
    In an old thread that has popped up ( due to Star Fortress ) there was a problem with Heatshock and myself, we have made amenze along time ago, I dont want that thread to put a bad wrap on things, so too all that I may of offended I am deeply sorry.

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    Re: My apoligy

    lol mate - long forgotten
    I may have been a little harsh too - so apologies as well
    its all good bud

    soz to hear all the problems you have had. Unfortunately you arent the 1st and you certainly wont be the last to be subject to these tactics.
    stand firm mate.


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    Re: My apoligy

    Although this is not my concern, but the apology and the response shows a great courage and honesty from both sides and I'm glad to see misunderstandings resolved this way. I commend you both!

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    Re: My apoligy

    Yup, Friends don't let friends buy SFP.

    Also to serve as an update as well as a guide. Feel free to pass it around to anyone thinking of buying SFP.
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    My apoligy

    What ever happened to that "lawsuit"
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