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MOW JP Harness System (Prototype)

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    Re: MOW JP Harness System (Prototype)

    new jet pack? /flail!!! you are an evil man :P

    it's gonna be sexy isn't it?

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    Re: MOW JP Harness System (Prototype)

    all this new stuff coming out, just when you thought you could see the light at the end of tunnel... heaven help us all!! love your work Christian!!

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    Re: MOW JP Harness System (Prototype)


    Yeah the new class II Jet Pack is looking pretty sweet..I've nearly redesigned the whole thing. As for the harness, I'm 86'n it for now. I'll redesign it and make it more user friendly then rerelease it along with the new Jet Pack..I'm also considering a new Jango Fett gauntlet with a retractable spring loaded "Talons" or blade detail as used in the Kamino scene..

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    Re: MOW JP Harness System (Prototype)

    Hey Christian,
    Any updates on the harness?? It looked awesome BEFORE your resdesign....

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    Re: MOW JP Harness System (Prototype)

    How to the jet pack hooks play in? Where does it get strapped to?

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    Re: MOW JP Harness System (Prototype)

    Hey, what ever happened to this???

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    Re: MOW JP Harness System (Prototype)


    Wow...haven't seen this post in some time.

    I've got ah whole box of those metal brackets sitting in my shop..It's a design that wasn't thought out enough and was 86'd..

    Cool thing is they're the perfect bracket for hanging a Jetpack on a wall, got several in my shop

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