MLC Iron Man Helmet

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    MLC Iron Man Helmet

    Good day to everyone,

    Its been awhile since I posted here, but thought you guys would like to see my WIP Iron Man Helmet:

    I started with Sharkhead's pepakura pattern over at the 405th (Halo costuming) site.
    Like most pepakura card projects, the inside was lined with resin & fiberglass to harden & hold the shape.
    Omce done, I added some thin card for detail before bondo was applied all over.

    Hopefully, it will a few days more of bondo & tweaking to see if it'll be viable for molding

    Thanks for looking!

    Mardon (MLC)

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    Re: MLC Iron Man Helmet

    Very cool! I might have to try making something using this method. Make sure to post the completed pic!

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