Mid-Ohio Con

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    Mid-Ohio Con

    Just curious if anyone is going to the Mid Ohio Con on October 4 and 5? I'm planning on being there in my almost complete annimated Fett. I know there were a few Fetts there last year.

    I don't remember who the Fett was but I know they were from these boards.

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    Re: Mid-Ohio Con

    I have an artist alley table. Don't know where at, but I will be there some where.

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    Re: Mid-Ohio Con

    I think Rancor Clan will have a Mercs table there, so should be 4 or 5 of them in armor for this.

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    Re: Mid-Ohio Con

    Nice art work! We had a table set up last year but moneys tight this year so we'll just be spectators. I'll look you up or if you see an annimated Fett flag me down!

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    Re: Mid-Ohio Con

    how big (people wise) is mid-ohio con? any big names gonna be there?

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    Re: Mid-Ohio Con

    It's not a huge con, but it's decent. We might bring our Predator costume group back again this year like we had last year.

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    Re: Mid-Ohio Con

    The Fett in the pic is me. As of right now I'm not going to Mid Ohio this year. But its a good little con.

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