McClay Fett 2013 Update

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    McClay Fett 2013 Update

    It's taken five years to finish the upgrades to my SE Fett. I replaced my Sintra armor with fiberglass and replaced my old 12lb jetpack with one by Fett Seven. I have to give the highest praise to Fett Seven for molding and painting a 4 lb. fiberglass jetpack that is absolutely PHENOMENAL! He even sent me a pair of hooks that have worked PERFECTLY.

    My Jetpack Harness is by Man of War
    Vest is by batninja
    Aluminum jetpack pieces by eco (highly recommended)

    Next thing I'd like to upgrade is my leather ammo pouches. Any suggestions for the belt would be greatly appreciated.


    My first event in this costume after 4 years will be on Friday. I'm very excited to get back to trooping.

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    McClay Fett 2013 Update

    Nice job
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    Re: McClay Fett 2013 Update

    Love that last shot man Hah!

    Taco makes a fine ammo belt. BBF does as well, although the most expensive (plus I think he's off the radar right now...not sure). You could always go for MOW and spray paint it a chocolate brown

    Suit looks good, and the pics are great! Your vest looks reeeeally white! Maybe just the studio? Also, your hoses look really far back - are they supposed to be closer to the front? I'm doing a ROTJ, but I know there are some differences for SE hoses, so just checking.

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    Re: McClay Fett 2013 Update

    I want to say that the MOW for price and availability is a good choice. Add a little paint of the right kind and some elbow grease and it can look great. Deathproof has some pics of what he did and i did the same.

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    Re: McClay Fett 2013 Update

    Nicely done!

    I have an SE Fett that was pretty much ROTJ when approved, but I've gone back and continued to make SE adjustments over the year. MR lid as well.

    I have the MOW belt with 12 pouches (if someone brings up 14 I honestly don't know where I'd put them!) and I recommend it. It does need proper weathering, but it's great and he is excellent to deal with.

    I have the same ROTJ hose config. I think that will be my next SE tweak to change that out.

    It never ends.

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