The Mask of Doom!

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    The Mask of Doom!

    I dont know if this is the right place for this thread but Its sort of Non Star Wars I could not build it with out what I have learned on this site and it was inspired by the Magneto helmet I saw on here.

    These pictures are from day one of work actualy day two I spent the better part of a day just reasearching different images of Doom. Unlike the Fett almost every artist that has drawn Doom has interpreted his image in their own way so I didnt have a "Set" reference to work with.

    What I have is a card stock mock up that I will perfect then pull apart use to template out for my Sintra.

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    Re: The Mask of Doom!

    I have progress pictures! can some one Pm me with how to do the nifty thumbnail photo trick?

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    Re: The Mask of Doom!


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    Re: The Mask of Doom!

    looks sweet! Ill be following this one

    Ill pm you

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    Re: The Mask of Doom!

    So I went through the process of building up a card stock mask. Here are some pictures. You can see that I set up a frame to work on I used a hat shape ring I got from a box at work. Then I continued to build up the mask until i reached a point where I was ready to cut some sintra. I am using some for sale signs i picked up at the store. Once i get these up on the internal frame I will post more pics.
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    Re: The Mask of Doom!

    Not Much To update on I am tacking the sintra together with hot glue then I will glue braces on it with plastic cement I am using clothes pins and the bottom to a D6 case to square up the half inch peices here is a picture
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    Re: The Mask of Doom!

    So I am planning on baking the mask at this point in order to make it hold the shape... Suggestions on a good temperature are welcome. After the bake I will glue the dome on and go over all the seams with hot glue. I waited to do all of the seams with hot glue because I am guessing that it will fail while in the oven. To prevent this i made small "L" brackets and glued them with PVC cement. This should hold durring the bake say a prayer for me. heres some pictures.
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    Re: The Mask of Doom!

    Funny story I fail! here is what happened to my mask in the oven. I will get no sleep this weekend.

    You know something similar happened with my Mando last year when my Rubies melted in the back seat of my car when I took it to work to show some friends thats when built my custom of course I had more than seven days to do that in.
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    So I put the mask back together with thicker sintra. I didnt bake it this time just kind of clamped it with clothes pins and glued it together then fiberglassed it. My next mishap took place when I used the wrong hardener in the bondo. so I had to scrape off the bondo did not go well! so tomarrow I have to sand off the bad bondo and re-fill on my lunch break. Then when I get home from work, I will sand that down and glue on the jaw pices and the inner mouth. Then the paint. I have a contest on wensday. I will post pictures of the soft parts when my wife finsihes them tomarrow. I am limiting the Armor to wrist bracers and Shinguards which I have cut out and ready to paint. This may be my longest post

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    Painted mask pictures.

    So I know I skipped some pictures But I have it painted! My wife is done with the tunic and the cape. Tomarrow I will line the mask with extra cape fabric and add the elastic for to hold it on.

    The Rivets are metalic dots from the scrap bookiong section at work. (walmart)

    I got the bad bondo (see last post) off with an sospad and a bucket of water!!

    The armor will be elasticed together at the back seams. This will allow for me to "open & close" the pices to put them on.

    Cant get the lap top to read my card I will fix this and post pictures.

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    Some pics. feel free to give me input. I am done with this mask...but I already have plans to remake it with out the presure of the halloween. I saw some new "refrence pictures" while on google the other day. I want to do a one pice eye/brow raised area. I also want to bring the cheeks out more, with a jaw that comes over the mandibles. I will draw a picture when I get a free moment.
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    Re: The Mask of Doom!

    Cool dude!

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    Re: The Mask of Doom!

    Here are some finished pictures of the costume.
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