The invitation to participate in any and all parades scheduled for 2009 is open to 501st, Rebel Legion, and costume groups with completed Star Wars costumes. We will need chaperones / wranglers to assist and watch over all costumed participants.

Chaperones / wranglers must be at least 18 years old. This is for liability and safety reasons. Chaperones / wranglers will walk escort with the troopers, just as we have all seen with bands and dance groups.

The following is a list of Mardi Gras Parades BAG (Bast Alpha Garrison) has commited to attend:

Krewe of Eve - Friday 7pm, 2/13/09 - Mandeville
Krewe of Caesar - Saturday 6pm, 2/14/09 - Metairie
Krewe of Tucks - Saturday Noon, 2/21/09 - Uptown - New Orleans
Krewe of Zeus - Monday 6:30pm, 2/23/09 - Metairie
Krewe of Denham Springs - Satuday 3pm, 2/14/09 - Denham Springs - Baton Rouge

Anyone wishing to attend this years Mardi Gras parades will need to contact the Bast Alpha Garrison so we can add you to the list of attendees. You can contact our Garrison by visiting our website at, or by e-mailing me at We will already be covering Vader, and Boba Fett for the parades. However, since it is Mardi Gras, these are not cannon events which means custom characters are also invited. If anyone has any further questions regarding the parades, please feel free to contact me at the above listed e-mail address.