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Mandalore's Pendant Interest

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    Mandalore's Candy Dish at Dragon*Con 2010

    Jamie, I only realized as I walked away for the day it was you. I am so sorry I spaced at that moment. Too much SW stimulation.

    Mandalore's Candy Dish at Dragon*Con 2010
    Following the success at CV, I will be bringing ten pieces off Alexandra Haban's Mandalore's Pendant work to Dragon*Con. The pieces will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Interested parties will be sure to find me at the 501st Patch trade or possibly on the convention floor. Alternatively, you can contact the artist herself at and arrange to have a custom pendant shipped to you.
    See you at D*C,

    Be well,

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    Re: Mandalore's Candy Dish at Dragon*Con 2010

    Hi there, just send a PM for one of this beauties if in time!

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    Re: still strong

    very interested, want one please...

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    Re: Mandalore's Pendant Interest

    Got mine almost two years ago and love it. Might get another one.

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    Re: Mandalore's Pendant Interest

    VenDrel DelKel said: View Post
    Got mine almost two years ago and love it. Might get another one.
    Are there still being sold?

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    Mandalore's Pendant Interest 2012 and Beyond

    Good evening,

    Yes these are still being made, each piece is customized per order.

    This is Thomas (The Clone Emperor.) Alexandra, the artist who made these pendants, asked me to make her introductory post. Alex will be responding to posts and order requests here, until her new member status is lifted and a new post in the Cargo Hold can be made for her to take orders properly.

    The above are front and back images of Mandalore's Pendant and the Mandalorian Merc's Pendant that Alex made, now offered with gold plating.

    The next post you see under this avatar should be from Alexandra herself.
    Please direct all inquiries on these items to this account (Alex314159.)

    Be well,
    Thomas (on Alexandra's behalf)

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    Re: Mandalore's Pendant Interest 2012 and Beyond

    I would defiantly be interested in one of these beautifully crafted pendants.

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    Re: Mandalore's Pendant Interest


    If you are interested in the Mandolorian pendant project and would like more information regarding the pendants, please contact me at or send a private message through the forum.

    I would like to share with everyone the latest addition to available finishes: full enamel coating. Different colors are an option. I worked over the enamel coating to create a more worn, distressed look.
    [ATTACH=CONFIG][object HTMLDivElement][/ATTACH]
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails red-mando-jpg  

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    Re: Mandalore's Pendant Interest


    A few poeple contacted me and asked if they can order a Mandalore pendant even if they are not members of The Dented Helmet. The answer is yes, you can. Please send me a private message or contact me at for details.

    Here is the latest addition to the Facebook Mando Gallery


    Temuera Morrison, at Dragon*Con 2011,
    accepting the Mando pendant - standing next to Temuera is Thomas Spanos

    The complete gallery can be found here.

    If you have a pendant and you you would like to be added to the Facebook gallery,
    send me your photo of you or a friend wearing your pendant.

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    Re: Mandalore's Pendant Interest

    Wow. That is some amazing work.

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    Re: Mandalore's Pendant Interest

    Just completed latest order: 18kt gold platedjb-gold-finish-jpg

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    Re: Mandalore's Pendant Interest

    Email sent

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