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Lost My Job Today

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    Re: Lost My Job Today

    I've been there too, hang in there Bro things will get better.

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    Re: Lost My Job Today

    HeadlessHunter said: View Post
    Yeah after 4 years with my current firm, I along with 75% of the work force have been 'let go' the company is going under, huge overspending on machines and not enough work coming in is the bottom line, therefore I am going to have to sell some of my most prized Fett related items, check the cargo hold for some great deals

    Ya, the economy is taking a nosedive. I just got laid off last thursday. With all the housing foreclosures, there's less of a demand for architects to design new houses which means no work coming in... which means no job. All the people that weren't fired at my place are having their hours cut back.

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    Re: Lost My Job Today

    Stay tough bud. Out of the bad comes the good.

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    Re: Lost My Job Today

    Very sorry to hear this. I know the economy is going through a very rough time, and this kind of thing is happening. I wish you the best of luck in finding a new job.

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    Re: Lost My Job Today

    Sorry to hear that...

    you'll get back on your feet soon, and when you do we will be here to help with your Fett..

    Good Luck.

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    Re: Lost My Job Today

    Thanks everyone, got a new job today woo hoo

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