The Lore of Mandalorian Ore

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    The Lore of Mandalorian Ore

    Hi, I'm new here... just stopping by to get the opinion of experts.

    In your various travels and studies, have any of you come across what color Mandalorian ore is supposed to be?

    I realize this site is dedicated to real world application and behind the scenes facts... but frankly there's no more knowledgeable group on Boba Fett than you all.

    Even Wookepidia doesn't say what color the ore is. It says that the color of the resultant forged metal is determined by the process, but not what the raw ore's color is. (It's a bit strange to imply the metal is molded in color, because the famous dented helmet clearly shows the metal to be silver-ish).

    So, I figure that if the color of the raw ore is not defined, then you all could come up with the most feasible answer.

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    Re: The Lore of Mandalorian Ore

    Ok, I'm going to have to ask to close off suggestions. I think we've got a winner: "blue"... or "green". I knew this was the right group to ask.

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    Re: The Lore of Mandalorian Ore

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    Re: The Lore of Mandalorian Ore

    Boba's helmet is actually iron, not true beskar'gam. That's why it's got the silver. Well... according to Karen Traviss and the EU. There's your nerd knowledge for the day. BTW... I'm also new here. Are you doing any building or just looking for random tidbits of knowledge?

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