Looking for a gear storage/transport box

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    Looking for a gear storage/transport box

    Anyone have any leads on a good gear storage/transport box to be used for transport on planes as well as by car?

    Had a few snafus on the return trip from CV (nothing major) with equipment in my luggage and want to find something that is sturdy/secure and lightweight... maybe some sort of hard plastic/padded military esc crate?

    I saw some storage boxes some of the Belgian garrison had around the falcon interior and think something like that may work if it was light enough.

    Any one have any suggestions/ideas or know where to find something like that?


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    Re: Looking for a gear storage/transport box

    Ponte used a pelican case which is like $300 i saw a sweet box at lowes/homedepot in the tool section which was $60 and pretty sturdy...need to add padding to it but check it out wheels and a handle i want one...my sterlite was weaksauce in comaprison...you could probably fit everything including a helmet

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    Re: Looking for a gear storage/transport box


    i use a pelican 1650 and 1200

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