I was out hitting a new Flea Market and found some Vintage Star Wars Item's I just had to get.

The best was the ROTJ 1978 c Blaster. It still works and makes a great annoying noise to tick the cats off with. I also found the 1977 classic Escape the Death Star board game. I used to play this when I was a kid and had a blast. It was all intact and playing pieces didn't even looked used. My son and I just played it and we won one game each. Then I got glow in the dark special edition trilogy glasses from Warrenburg Theaters. A Ewoks Cartoon VHS, Logray, Ugnaught, a micro machine death star, and Droid's Cartoon Lunchbox. All of this was dirt cheap The last two items are for sale in the junkyard. I also got some LP's

Thought I would show it off