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    Dec 4, 2014, 7:28 PM - Let's get Sandy Collora back in armor! LOOKING FOR BOBA FETT ESB PARTS! #1

    Hello everyone,

    I havenít posted in a while but Iíve been around, lurking. I love taking a peak into peoplesí projects and seeing the talent out there. Iíve been busy with projects of my own as well. Many projects! As my collection grows Iíve found myself lacking the space to put away or display all my cool props, toys and costumes so I was considering getting a storage unit. Fast forward to my wife telling weíre expecting our first baby next year! Now I know for a fact I need to downsize my collection or get storage for sure. As a lot of you probably know, itís hard letting go of some of the things in our collections so Iíd rather pay for the storage but last night I was having a conversation with a friend and personal inspiration of mine, Mr. Sandy Collora, and he told me something terrifying. His storage locker was broken into last year and he lost thousands of dollars in props and costumes. Many screen used. All stolen.

    As a lot of you may know, he has had a presence in our community for a long time. Many years ago I was part of 4 different forums (BOTB, Hunterís Lair, TDH and RPF) and he had a presence in every one of them. Dropping our jaws with his Badass interpretation of Batman in his film ďBatman Dead EndĒ and igniting our imaginations with his clan of rogue Predators. Showing us that it can be cool to bring in our own flare and design to these creatures. Heís always supported our groups and I feel itís only right we show a little support back now. Amongst the stolen costumes were a screen used Panther Batman Suit and Necromonger, Judge Dredd and a full ESB Boba Fett costume to name a few. But the one he says kills him is his stolen Fett. This is why fellow RPF members Amityshark, kcr7pr and myself are trying to help put together a raw Fett armor kit for Sandy so he can be on his way to rebuilding his lost collection, starting with the baddest Bounty Hunter of all. If you are a builder who has been touched in any way by Sandyís work and would like to help too by donating a piece or pieces of armor (raw casts are fine since he can paint these) or costume pieces, please contact me or Sandy directly by messaging him on facebook:

    This is a great community of talented people and Iíve seen us come together before to help out a fellow member in need. We must assemble once more for one of ours. Trust me when I say, he was pretty devastated by this theft (as most of us would be). Now is your chance to help out a guy who lives to make creatures, monsters and heroes come to life and show some true comradery. One Fett may struggle his way out of the Sarlacc Pit on his own, but with the help of other Fetts, he can fly his way out of!!

    Thank you kindly Hunters!

    -EL FETT

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    Jan 8, 2015, 6:15 PM - Let's get Sandy Collora back in armor! LOOKING FOR ESB PARTS! #2

    A bit of an update and it's a happy one I managed to work out a deal with another member of the forum and was able to pick up some unfinished armor to donate to Sandy. I think it's a great starting point and I am grateful for someone wanting to jump into this with me and help me get Sandy started on rebuilding his stolen Fett.

    Needless to say, Sandy was super grateful when I went to his studio to drop off the armor and has tasked me with helping him finish the costume for him. I was honored and glad to be asked. I love putting together costumes, especially Boba Fett. I am now looking to getting the rest of the ESB parts. I'm currently in the market for everything ESB that you don't see in the picture above. So pretty much EVERYTHING but these pieces of armor. If you are a maker or someone who is looking to sell off some ESB parts, please hit me up so I can see if I can take them off your hands. The mission here is to have this ready and completed before the new Star Wars movie hits the screens so he can go to the premiere in style! Thank you all in advance for your help!

  4. Mar 30, 2015, 11:15 PM - Re: Let's get Sandy Collora back in armor! LOOKING FOR BOBA FETT ESB PARTS! #3

    Any updates on this? Did you find anymore parts for his Fett?

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