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    Apr 30, 2009, 5:20 PM - Last Minute: Dallas-area Photo Shoot This Weekend #1

    We've been contacted by someone needing some photo references for a series of SW illustrations. (

    The photo shoot is this Saturday, starting @ noon. Short notice, I know, but I just got the initial info this week, and place & time today.

    Characters needed:

    * Luke Skywalker in black Jedi gear
    * Anakin Skywalker- Revenge of the Sith or Clone Wars armor
    * Boba Fett
    * Ashoka Tano
    * Ventress
    * Princess Leia in Jedi Gear
    * Twi'lek Female
    * Gamorrean Guard
    * Clonetroopers
    * Mara Jade
    * Shadowtrooper (Black Stormtrooper Armor)
    * Exotic female Jedi
    * Clone Wars Obi-Wan (if you don't mind)

    Clones Wars Obi-Wan and Jedi Luke are taken care of. And I'll be doing Jedi Leia.

    If you can be a part, let me know & I'll pass on the location info.
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