Lack of communication . A short Rant .

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    Lack of communication . A short Rant .

    We all know the horror stories from buyers/customers when the seller/supplier doesn't get back to them.
    We all know how frustrating it can be when you've paid out your money and can't get a status update or even a simple reply .
    My rant is a little different.
    It goes the opposite way.
    I am currently cleaning my inbox out and have to sift through countless PMs sent to me requesting price quotes for painting services. I really appreciate the fact that people would consider entrusting me with thier stuff, and I realize that it is a big decision for them. I know that quality is never cheap and many cannot afford what I charge. That's cool, I couldn't afford me either.
    However, It really irritates me when I don't hear back from a potential customer. In nearly every quote, I ask them to LMK if they decide not to go with me. I feel that's a very simple courtesy.
    Many times, I have more than one project on the bench at a time and attepmting to schedule things is nearly impossible when you are anticipating new projects coming in.
    I know, it's fairly pointless to even bring this up, but I had to vent a little.

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    Re: Lack of communication . A short Rant .

    I can understand the frustration. Stuff does happen along the way, like for instance...wanted to buy some wickedbeard gauntlets. Well, real life hit me, and I had some medical bills I had to take care of for my girl. She comes first (always), but I made SURE I let wicked know I wouldn't be able to purchase his gauntlets.

    Its only fair, and it gives the vendor a heads up on what his prop building schedule looks like, if he should look forward to a commission, etc.

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    Re: Lack of communication . A short Rant .

    on the same note, i have found with props and costumes is once people get what they need from you, price, helmet, how to advice, they drop you like a rock for the next thing.

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    Re: Lack of communication . A short Rant .

    some do, some don't. I've had bothe nds of that spectrum
    I do try and develop a rapport with people instead of just blurting out " That'll be $1000 for me paint that"
    I try explaining that I work a real job, have family, life happens, etc. I also ask them what they want and when, and also try to involve them as much as I can.
    I mean, i'm not trying to get a pen pal or anything, just trying to COMMUNICATE.

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    Re: Lack of communication . A short Rant .

    I do the same with my helmets/armor....etc

    If I am inquiring about something I typically give a Yae or Nae just for common courtesy, but yes I've have plenty of times where people ask how much, how long, can you do this or that etc; then to never hear back from them again. Its does get irritating from time to time if your work load is high for the week and your preparing to be inundated but that just how its goes sometimes.


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    Re: Lack of communication . A short Rant .

    slave1pilot said: View Post
    .....I ask them to LMK if they decide not to go with me. I feel that's a very simple courtesy.......
    So true, and I agree 100%

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    Re: Lack of communication . A short Rant .

    Honestly, I've gone both ways... there are some I've simply forgotten to get back to when I decided to not buy something or use someone's services. Obviously, it's best to give someone a head's up out of courtesy but I figure if they haven't heard back from me in a while they move on without me.

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