Kotobukiya ESB Boba Fett

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    Kotobukiya ESB Boba Fett

    Hi there, I received my Koto ESB Boba Fett today and was wondering if the colors were true to the original suit or if they were way off and if so, how off are they?

    I'm not talking about the small details but more like the big picture... the dominant colors of the armor, jet pack, shoulder and knees, and the light green on the helmet. I have never seen the real suit in person so I can't compare...

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Kotobukiya ESB Boba Fett

    You should post a pic w with natural lighting.
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    Re: Kotobukiya ESB Boba Fett

    In my opinion. The colors are too light though I would trust an ESB fanatic more.

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    Re: Kotobukiya ESB Boba Fett

    From every pic I've seen the greens are too light. The suit is the most accurate "action figure" of the ESB Fett, even moreso than the Marmit, but still could use a repaint.


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