KOTE Mandos site now working

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    KOTE Mandos site now working

    UPDATE: www.kotemandos.com is now running proparly

    Okay, I log onto my computer a few minutes ago and it goes to my home page - KOTE Mandos. Only for me to be told in big lettering from Google, before it can load the page that KOTE Mandos is listed as a Reported Attack Site!
    KOTE Mandos is not an Attack Site! logging on to KOTE Mandos will not get you a virus or have your computer attacked by any malicious software, spyware or even Al-Quieda terrorists! I've checked the google report on the site and it states that there have been 0 attacks from the site, 0 mailicious software problems and 0 virus's!!!
    It is safe to log onto or join KOTE Mandos. The problem stems from a number of malicious software incidents on a number of Servage server websites that DO NOT include KOTE Mandos.
    This incident IS being looked into and will be resolved asap with normal service on KOTE Mandos returning shortly, I ask all members or potential members of KOTE Mandos that are also members of TDH to please bare with us.
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    Re: KOTE Mandos NOT an Attack Site

    Cheers for the heads up Jo!

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    Re: KOTE Mandos NOT an Attack Site

    Yeah, I saw that too. I ignored it and went to KOTE anyway.

    If you can't trust a Mando, who can you trust?

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    Re: KOTE Mandos NOT an Attack Site

    I have no problem?

    And for any and all Mando's get over and try it out! errr......soon?

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    Re: KOTE Mandos NOT an Attack Site

    Gotta love it when your host gets black-listed. I run into that problem here when I am managing our websites at work. Sometimes an employee here gets an email bot spoof and it puts us on the black-list. So then you gotta go through all kinds of hoops to get it removed.

    They have to though if they value their business, so fear not vode. =)

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    Re: KOTE Mandos Now Running Normally

    I'm happy to announce KM has now returned to normal service.
    It is now safe (it always was!) to log into KOTE Mando's website.

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