Some of you may be aware of KOTE Mandos - The Mandalorian & Fett Squad for the Knights Of The Empire. The objective of the squad is to provide KOTE with top quality Fett & Mando costumes in the UK and Ireland with the purpose of trooping said costumes at KOTE events.
Currently KOTE Mandos is experiencing a large number of Spam Bots attempting to register as members of the board. Whilst this is little more then an annoyance (they are not a threat and they get deleted BEFORE they can access the forums) there is the possibility that innocent attempts to register by actual people may get lost in the daily deletions of the Spam Bot membership requests I get.
Should any member of TDH wish to sign up to KOTE Mandos then I strongly suggest you pm me here on TDH to tell me the username and email addy you wish to log on with - This way I will know to look out for you and not purge you with all the flotsam.
KOTE Mandos security will soon be updated so as to make this problem little more then a footnote in the boards history but until then I ask that you bare with me. - Thanks.