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Junk IG-88 in ESB

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    Re: Junk IG-88 in ESB

    nice pics and findings

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    Re: Junk IG-88 in ESB

    I always thought it'd be cool to have an IG-88 head as a trash can in Slave 1's cockpit. It would make a good Predator trophy, too. I know, I'm mixing universes, story lines and warping the time-space continuum, not to mention all those copyright things.

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    Re: Junk IG-88 in ESB

    GCNgamer128 said: View Post
    I think I see my lost car keys..
    Hey! I see a lost shaker of salt!

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    Re: Junk IG-88 in ESB

    yeah the junk heap scene proves how much they reused old props during the trilogy

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    Re: Junk IG-88 in ESB

    Sorry to resurrect this thread! Believe it or not, when watching the scene, if you look real close, behind and to the right of IG-88 you can see what looks like one of the early IG models, can't think of the number, but it's there, cheers!

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