Jeremy Bulloch's Boba costume breakdown ?

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    Jeremy Bulloch's Boba costume breakdown ?

    Hi Guys,

    I wonder if this has been answer before about Mr. Bulloch's Boba costume that he wore during the UK appearance in September 2009 event ?

    I mean the breakdown as far as list of parts, which part made by who ?


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    Re: Jeremy Bulloch's Boba costume breakdown ?

    Here you go bud

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    Re: Jeremy Bulloch's Boba costume breakdown ?

    Thanks so much Rep.

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    Re: Jeremy Bulloch's Boba costume breakdown ?

    Hey, I just stumbled across this trying to answer my own questions, but I would love some help here. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? The real names are listed instead of their screen name/ member names? I know Chris Jones is "Fett Pride" but who are the rest? Anyone want to help me fill in the blanks? That would be most appreciated.

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    Re: Jeremy Bulloch's Boba costume breakdown ?

    Well, honestly I don't recognize all the real names, but here's who I know.
    Going by the letters at the top of the poster:
    B) FettPride and SpideyFett
    E) FettPride and Darth Miller
    G) Batninja
    I) Man of War Studios and Superjedi
    J) Same as B
    P) Bobamaker
    S) TK-409
    U) Ruffkintoy

    There are some repeats in there.

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    Re: Jeremy Bulloch's Boba costume breakdown ?

    This thread has all of the information that you need;

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    Re: Jeremy Bulloch's Boba costume breakdown ?

    Thanks S1P, here is the info for anyone else without digging through that thread...

    HELMET: painted by: Spideyfett
    Helmet Kit = FettPride/ (RECEIVED)
    Aluminum Ears= SpideyFett/Evan4218 (RECEIVED)
    Visor = Phillip Wise (RECEIVED)
    MQ-1 Calculator Pad= FettPride
    Borden Connector= Phillip Wise (RECIEVED)
    Stickers/Decals= Darthmiller (RECEIVED)
    RF circuit board= mrgr8ness (RECEIVED)

    Jumpsuit Fabric= Phillip Wise (RECEIVED)
    Sewing Services= SkyGunbro/ GBH (Dying) RECEIVED

    ARMOR VEST/NECKSEAL: painted by: Darthmiller
    Tackle Twill= TXFETT (RECEIVED)
    Sewing Services= Batninja
    Braids= Julie (real horse hair) RECEIVED
    Cape= TK409 (RECEIVED)
    Armor Plates (chest, collar, back, shoulder)= Fettpride V.3 (RECEIVED)
    Stickers= Evan4218 (RECEIVED)
    Chest Lights= Shackman (RECIEVED)
    Collar Bolts= Ripcode (RECIEVED)

    JETPACK: painted by: Slave1pilot
    Jet Pack Kit= Man of War Studios RECEIVED
    Aluminum Beacon/Stabilizer= upgraded by Spideyfett.
    US Divers Buckle= Spideyfett(RECEIVED)
    Harness System= Batninja Complete

    GAUNTLETS: painted by: Spideyfett
    Gauntlet Kit= Fettpride (new ESB accurate) Received
    Aluminum Darts (right)= Phillip Wise (RECEIVED)
    Rocket Upgrade (left)= Phillip Wise
    Hoses/Fittings= Darthmiller
    Electronics= Batninja RECEIVED

    ESB Gloves= GBH DONE DAMIT!!

    Horse Girth Belt: TXFETT (SHIPPED)
    Dye Process: Spideyfett
    Web Straps: Batninja

    Wood Blocks= Batninja complete
    Leather= Batninja
    Hip Pouch Fabric= Batninja Complete
    Sewing Services= Batninja

    CODPIECE/KIDNEY PLATE: painted by Darthmiller
    Armor Plates= FettPride (RECEIVED)
    Bolts=Ripcode (RECEIVED)

    KNEE AMOR: painted by: Darthmiller
    Kneeguard Kit: FettPride (RECEIVED)
    Aluminum Darts: Phillip Wise
    Elastic Strapping: Phillip Wise

    SHIN TOOLS: painted by Bobamaker
    Shin tools= Bobamaker (RECEIVED)

    Boots painted by Spideyfett: Phillip Wise (RECEIVED)
    Toe Spikes: Phillip Wise (RECEIVED)

    RIFLE/ Sidearm: painted by: SuperJedi
    ESB Rifle Kit= Man of War Studios Studios (RECEIVED)
    Flash Tube= Phillip Wise (RECEIVED)
    Rifle Strap= Mark Miller (RECEIVED)
    SIDEARM= Nemrod Speargun Casting / Man of War Studios (RECEIVED)
    Holster= Ruffintoys Received

    Graphics: Evan4218/ Phillip Wise/ Braks Buddy (IN PROGRESS)

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