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    Jan 18, 2012, 7:14 PM - Jedi Junkies (yes....I caught on late) #1

    Hello folks! New and old. I know I have not been active on the boards lately and I apologize for that. Today on Facebook a friend of mine told me that I was in some documentary movie called Jedi Junkies. To top it off, Jeremy Buloch, Ray Parks, Peter Meyew and a few other are in this too. I am sure somebody did post this when the movie was released in 2010. I do remember a film crew interview me at Dragon Con (they made me sign some waiver) as permission to have this interview footage.

    Some of you might say . . . . Big woop . . . . so you are in a documentary film . . . . . However, I saw the reviews and they were pretty good for the most part.

    Best of all! I was wearing The Dented Helmet shirt.

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