jedi force power

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    jedi force power

    ok, so a buddy of mine had a strange question and i didn't have the slightest clue as too the answer. so here's the question.

    Q-why don't jedi/sith just choke an organ or cause internal damage to kill someone?

    answers, anybody?

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    Re: jedi force power

    not all have that power. the one that do use it . the one that dont fight or counter it. just like all dont have force lighting.

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    Re: jedi force power

    Wouldn't make for entertainment. Even though we love to live in the Starwars fantasy world, alot of the fighting etc really isn't logical. Just like the epic anakin obiwan fight. Someone could have easily have gotton one force push that would have knocked the other guy in the lava. i don't care how powerful you are, you can't predict everything.

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    Re: jedi force power

    I once wondered why the didn't simply use the force to hit the off switch on the other lightsaber then slash through them. The Darth Bane series revealed that they are tught early to construct a force barrier around them to prevent that. I would assume that they use a similar technique to protect force ruptured organs, or at least prevent it from being done without dedicating their entire concentration to it, which would be hard during a fight.

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    Re: jedi force power

    ok, thanks

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