Awhile back, in summer 2007, I performed in a major event, the 400th anniversery celebration of Jamestown, Virginia. For the event, they selected one music organization to perform in a mass 400 piece orchestra along with a 1607 person choir. I have searched along time for any videos, and now only came across our mid-day performances. I am working on getting any of the finale though, which IMHO is the best.

So I want to share these videos with you all, they arent mine however. The people in the blue shirts are the actual choir, and the large screen shows various shots of the orchestra itself.

National Anthem

God Bless America

Shenendoah (one of my favs)

Variations on a Shaker Melody

Semper Fidelis:Now, there were only 3 tubas out of 400 musicians, and at the trio, you can hear us CLEARLY making the runs, along with the trumpets (you can see the side of my face at 1:49 on the big screen rofl)

Ive contacted this youtube poster about possibly having video of the finale. We had played, in order, Olympic fanfare, Original score of the main theme of "Star Wars: A New Hope," Ending of the 1812 overture, and "The Stars and Stripes Forever," at night, with fireworks the whoooooooole time.

Here are some pics of the event as well:

Showing the whole stage:

From the finale

One side of the Choir stands

Where we rehearsed, Im sitting all the way in the back, right side

Who's that moderatly handsome tuba player right there in the middle

Thanks for looking. I'll try to get the vid of the finale, Im sure that would be alot more fun to watch