Interest in Metal Mando Helmet?

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    Interest in Metal Mando Helmet?

    Well I was sitting around and thinking the other day and I was wondering how many people would be interested in a metal mando helmet. It would be made from sheet steel that is about 1 mm thick, the same material ford uses for vehicle bodies. The helmet would not have a dent in it anywhere and the arrows would not be on the helmet either. I would also not be making any of the ear pieces. There would be a lot of bondo work that would need to be done by the purchaser. It would be a 1:1 size boba style. It would be fully welded together.

    I don't have any price in mind yet since I don't know how much material I would have to buy and how much to charge for labor, wouldn't be much. This would be just for those of you who want a metal helmet but don't have the ability to make it yourself.

    I just thought that I would offer, let me know what you think, it will still need alot of work with bondo and to make any ear pieces. If you are worried about the quality of my work you can see my WIP thread for the helmet that I built for myself at

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    Re: Interest in Metal Mando Helmet?

    Hi! I have always wanted to make a mando bucket for myself, and I finally found the wizard of flight templates last night, but this would same me a lot of time with the metal and all. I can bondo, paint and do all the detail work myself, I just need the metal "frame" to work with. Are you still offering a helmet?

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    Re: Interest in Metal Mando Helmet?


    Sure, I am very intrested in a metal helmet.

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    Re: Interest in Metal Mando Helmet?

    Are you going to be using a TIG welder or Mig it? sorry just wondering being a welder myself

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    Re: Interest in Metal Mando Helmet?

    well they were going to be MIG welded because I don't have and don't know how to use a TIG. I have always wanted to learn though. Um, unfortunately this will have to be delayed until further notice since I just found a part time job. I thought that since I just finished school that I would have time to do this for some people but it doesn't look like I will. I am very sorry for disappointing anybody. If i get time to make a few of these I will post them for sale but it won't be for a while. Sorry.

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