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    May 21, 2008, 12:20 AM - input on project needed #1

    One of many distraction in the world is making hike staves/staffs to use on backpacking/hiking outings or when I go "play" Scout.
    The past few weeks during "down time" at work I have been working on some pieces that could be placed on a hiking stave/staff.I am at a good stopping point until I figure the next phase of these creations.Please veiw the photos and share your input.
    This pieces are completely metal except for where I "dressed" my welds in joining the metal together to give it a smooth look using polyester filler.

    This is of both pieces after a coat of aluinum paint was a applied.

    I plan on doing some more painting to them with maybe some weathering and layering of different colors.Which is where your input is needed.
    I had thought of making two staves/staffs with this pieces but I am thinking of making one using them both,a top and a bottom.Again your input to help
    I am currently working on a piece "like" a Maul saber where two pieces will join to form one piece for a hand grip in the center of a hiking stave/staff.
    If needed be I can show some better photos on a few days.I took some during the building phase.
    Anyway.... thank you to all comments and input

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    May 21, 2008, 7:41 AM - Re: input on project needed #2

    Okaaaaayyyy!!! Those look bloody dangerous to me. Nice metalwork though :thumbup. Still you could take someones eye out if you're not careful. Or remove the small collection of dangly objects in your trousers.

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