ilikebmxbikes's ESB Progress

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    ilikebmxbikes's ESB Progress

    I am creating this thread to show my ESB fett progress. A while back i purchased Tubachris's fixer helmet and continued updates i his thread but i wanted to make a new one to show the entire build up.

    The old helmet thread can be viewed HERE

    My bucket in its current state. I recently purchased some electronics for the range finder which need to be installed.

    I fiberglass backed my fett pride v3 armor to add some stiffness to it. The armor is very solid now and i am very pleased with the results. The armor appears a little bluish in the pic. The combination of the light and using an Iphone as a camera tends to distort a little. Shout out to fettronics for the chest board.

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    Re: ilikebmxbikes's ESB Progress

    batninja pouches
    99cent taco esb ammo belt
    and a fiberglass backed fpv3 cod

    99cent taco leather holster

    clone trooper

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    Re: ilikebmxbikes's ESB Progress

    Dude, you really have no idea how in love I am with the helmet. You really, really kicked my arse when it came to it. Just keep at it man, it's looking really sharp

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    Re: ilikebmxbikes's ESB Progress

    man that helmet came a long way...

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    Re: ilikebmxbikes's ESB Progress

    Looking Good!!! Thanks for sharing.

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