I have been gone quite a while. Due to some unavoidable life hurdles. I am back now, and looking for partners and prjects. Here is the jist.

Some of you may or may not know I own industrial vacuumform machines. I have approximately 10,000 sheets of 4' 2' abs plastic ready to go for testing and production (free). have contacts with a large plastic / resin / silicone distributors. I also own Star Wars Universe - Fan Films - Prop / Costume - Product Review Site which I am about to revamp to be a hybrid site of Star Wars movie news AND props intermingled.

I have been a software developer for 17 years and am proficient. I have been doing molds and vaccumforming for about 8 now.

I am hoping to find people to partner with to do some vaccumform projects or hire you to do some sculpts. Our stormtrooper project has been a mess timeline wise. It has taken months longer than expected. That was my first attempt to bring an artist into the fold, and though it may or may not end up coming to fruition, its time for me to try yet again to expand.

If you have projects, either vaccumform or fiberglass or props you have sculpted but do not have the ability to do the mold and production, please post or contact me.

If any of you have bucks or discontinued products they dont have time for, pm me, lets discuss.

Thanks, and happy fetting.